The correct shock-absorbers are just like the correct tyre-choice, very important to the handling of your car and Tatum Racing and AST give you exactly what you are looking for in suspension, the perfect set-up.

35 years of experience and technical development are bound together in each shock-absorber manufactured by AST. AST dampers have been honed on race circuits all over the world in many different disciplines.

High-accuracy measuring and testing takes place on all components throughout the entire production process all the way to assembly. AST supsension systmes are manufactured in a climate controlled measuring department and the quality management system is Lloyds approved in accordance with the NEN and ISO 9001: 2000 quality assurance standards.

AST Suspension Products

Street Legals
The road-holding of your car improves when you fine tune the damping of your car. AST gives you the opportunity to fit a set shock-absorbers, developed on the race-circuit, to your car legally. Your car will not only look better but, because the dampers lower your car, the road-holding will improve anywhere, anytime.
Competition Series
Many top drivers have already experienced AST shock-absorbers. AST gives you just that little bit more. Better adjustment possibilities, better damping characteristics and endless reliability that can make the difference between winning and losing.. anywhere, anytime.
You choose a top car, go step further in performance with shock-absorbers developed by top-engineers which have experience on circuit and rally. AST offers shock-absorbers which will improve your car. These shocks will make the difference between good and perfect anywhere, anytime.
Special series of custom made shocks, a trademark of AST. AST can make perfect suspension systems for every car, to your personal requirements and dimensions. anywhere, anytime.

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Porsche 997 GT3 Competition

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